Palma Photo 2015

Palma Photo 2015 Presentation

After two editions which have consolidated the new festival format, this year’s PALMAPHOTO had to grow, and it has. The 11th edition of the acclaimed event, promoted by ART PALMA (contemporary art galleries association), increases the content and quality of all the programs that compose it, bestowing an attractive cultural offering upon the city that welcomes it, and establishes Palma, without any doubt, as a genuine state of art.

PALMAPHOTO 2015 relies upon a solid official program that opens this June 11th, with the best galleries and exhibition spaces of the Balearic Islands participating and a roster of notable artists such as Javier Vallhonrat, Carmela García, Carles Congost, Carlos Irijalba, Mariu Palacios, Benjamin Katz, Cristina Garrido, Anett Stuth, Jordi Socías, Llorenç Ugas Dubreuil, Santiago Morilla, Andrés Senra, Paco y Manolo, Xisco Bonnín, Jean Marie del Moral, and Pedro Madueño, among many others.

In addition, PALMAPHOTO has returned with a wide range of extensive proposals that have turned the city into a meeting point for photography and contemporary art lovers. Programs like PHOTOTALK focus this year on workshops taught by top artists such as Javier Vallhonrat, Carmela García or Avelino Sala. Conferences like the one presented by María Santoyo, or the radiophonic experiment directed by Ana Laura Aláez, together with very special guests like the artists Cabello – Carceller and the filmmaker Chus Gutiérrez, will undoubtedly stand out. Also noteworthy is the particular vision of curator David Armengol in his exhibition and within the context of the OjoxPhoto program.

The PHOTOSTREET program brings photography back to the streets with the exhibition “Un chien andalou”, a project in which artists like Maria Cañas, Carlos Aires, Miguel Ángel Tornero, Moreno Carretero and Fernando Bayona have participated, curated by Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta, who is the festival’s director. A parallel proposal of this program is the second edition of “Mostrador”, entitled “Tapetes i diretes”, coordinated, as in it first edition, by photographer Miquel Julià. With the aim of promoting creation by emerging artists, FIRSTFOCUS presents an interesting project titled “Arsenal. Col·leccionistes de” for the second year under the direction of curator Jordi Pallarés.

PHOTOBOOK will be developed through an exhibition curated by Dani Cardona that seeks to show us the panorama of the photobook in Spain today. It will be completed with an intensive program of workshops and the presence of prestigious publisher Ediciones Anómalas. PHOTOFILM will offer this year a double proposal, on one hand a cinematic cycle focusing on the role of photography and photographers in armed conflicts, and on the other hand, the premiere in Palma of the documentary executed by La Perifèrica entitled “El temps i les coses” about the life and work of our dearly missed Toni Catany.